Parameters in Alerts

So first post and inmidiately a “request”… I know it’s not that neat. But i think this dash has some great potential. We have been playing for a week with it and it’s almost addicting.

Anyhow herewith the request; Set parameters in Alert.

I think this should be possible when you handle a query as a sort of template, fill in the parameters and then when saving the alert. The query is saved as “alertquery” for solely use it in that particular Alert. In this manner non technical colleagues would have the possibility to set alerts on simple things. Like a status change in a salesproject, production order, all those thing are one off alerts but can be set daily for a new particular value.

I already use the toggle trick to have many possibilities without the need to maintain many queries, but they can’t be used in Alerts.

If alerts were available for parameterized queries would this solve your use-case?

It would. I cannot expect a user to modify and make a query. I doubt if i would even allow it, a wrong query could take ages to perform.

I can explain them they have to fill a few parameters to get notified on an important matter.