Pass date range parameters into link drilling into another dashboard

Hi guys,

I am building a cohort customer dashboard with a cohort_customer table with a customer list belonging to the designated cohort. My goal is to set the customer id as a link, so the audience can click and drill into another dashboard to view individual customer information. I have a few questions about how to pass the parameters:

  1. About date range parameter:
    The individual customer dashboard url is ${ROOT}/dashboards//dashboard/customer?p_date_range=2020-05-01--2020-07-01&p_customer_id=10&p_customer_name=NULL. In the visualization setting of cohort_customer table, I have set the customer_id column to be displayed as link with the URL template ${ROOT}/dashboards//dashboard/customer?p_date_range.start={{range_start}}&p_date_range.end={{range_end}}&p_customer_id={{ @}}&p_customer_name=NULL. When clicking the link, the parameters of p_date_range_end and p_date_range_start become unrecognizable strings (for example, p_date_range.start=%7B%7B). An error message saying missing value for date_range parameter also shows.
    I tried to solve the problem by passing a {{start_end}} formatted as 2020-05-01–2020-07-01 to p_date_range. But it didn’t solve the problem.
    How to pass the date range parameter correctly?

  2. Behind the individual customer query, the user only needs to specify one identification parameter, that is, either using customer_id OR custmer_name. How should I set the OR logic in the URL link?

Thanks so much!