I am attempting to send an HTTP request to get the results of a query in JSON. The url indicated within Redash is https://app.redash.io/[account]/api/queries/[query]/results.json?api_key=XsZIGlGCFtpRBBpOXek0zqmBuXdtHDN0yeRfkogL . I would like to pass in some URL parameters, as is commonly done in PHP an other languages.

Normally, this is accomplished by appending &url_parameter=value to the url, with url_parameter being the variable passed in, and value being the assigned value passed in. This syntax does not appear to work.

Unfortunately, your querying documentation does not contain any info about how to accomplish this. I have found some suggested workarounds in searching but I wanted to ask, is there an officially supported solution to accomplish this? And if there is, how can you access the documentation for it? I have thoroughly searched for documentation on this topic but all the documentation that I have found is limited in scope and does not address passing in url parameters in the HTTP request.

Thank you!


I was searching for the same, did you got answer for this? @daniell