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Apologies if i miss this, but is there any way to show y-axis as percentage in bar chart?

Open the visualization settings and check the “Normalize values to percentage” setting:

Hmmmm, i tried a simple query: select 3/5::decimal as test. The result is 0.6. And if i wanted to change to percentage, this should be 60%. Then i followed what you suggested and the result is as attached.

Still a problem. @arikfr

Still a problem @arikfr, how can I show percentage values in bar and area charts without the scale defaulting automatically to 100%?

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I would be happy to fix this and create a PR if there was a little bounty for this. Seems like this is probably a feature that many people want. @arikfr

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Are there bounties for this? Shoot, I’ve been working for free! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you fixed this problem? Can you push your PR in github or here? Thank you very much!

Can you please describe what problem you are trying to solve?
The original problem illustrated by @abed is that he had a value like “0.6” and he wants this displayed as “60%” on his chart. The simple way to solve this is to alter your SQL statement to multiply the value by 100 e.g. “SELECT …myvalue * 100.00 AS myvalue_pct…” - so your result value would be “60.00” instead of “0.6”. You can then edit the Data Labels format on the visualisation to be “{{ @@y }} %” which will display as “60 %”.
The other scenario, which @arikfr was pointing you to, is where you have multiple x categories and you want to display the y value as a percentage of the total. If you check the “Normalize values to percentage” checkbox and set Stacking to “Stack” then Redash will normalise the x column grouping totals to 100% and show each group as a percentage of the total for the x value.

@griffinator76 - The problem that got me here (and I think is still unsolved) is that the axis itself doesn’t show percentages, despite the number format changed to percentage.

Can you please provide a snapshot of your concern ? because as griffinator76 I think that it is working fine

@xavier-d this is exactly the issue.
there should be a % to the right of the number
it should be:
and not

Redash doesn’t support formatting values on the axes.

Generally I recommend describing what the axis values represent in the axis description (e.g. “% of sales”, “net sales US$”) and leave the axis values unornamented by symbols for currency, percentage etc. Adding these symbols to the values directly tends to make the values harder to read because the reader has to process additional redundant information.

i.e. if the reader knows that the axis is for percentages from the axis description it’s redundant to include % symbols with each axis value.

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@griffinator76 - I think it’s confusing that there isn’t alignment between the displayed units and the axis units, and I think being able to decide if I choose to leave the units out of the axis is the expected behaviour, that isn’t supported in redash.

Just in axis format add “%” like this: