Permissions of redash user for creating procedure, indexes and other

When i tried to create procedure or temporary table or indexes , i can not do it to MYSQL datasourse.How can i check all privelleges that allow me to work? in User tab i have admin , default, i have all datasourses and Query Result1 datasourse
Error running query: Access denied for user ‘redash’@‘’ to database 'some_mysql_database’

AND in Group tab in admin i have full access to all datasourses including this Mysql datasourse

The problem isn’t Redash permissions. That error comes from your MySQL database because the user redash doesn’t have access to the database some_mysql_database. You should login to your MySQL database from a DB management tool (or the command line) and run something like GRANT SELECT on some_mysql_database TO redash.

Okey, i 'll try. Thank you!)