Pivot table filter on datetime field not working as expected

We’re using the self hosted version of Redash (v7.0.0). Created a report with a pivot table with dates along the top, other elements on the side. The user wants to use the pivot table filter on the dates and elements interchangeably, but has come across some unexpected behaviour in that the filter on the date element doesn’t filter anything (the other elements filter OK).
I’ve tested this out with a really simple generated time series with dummy data:
SELECT date_trunc(‘week’, dd):: date, ROW_NUMBER()OVER(ORDER BY dd ASC) rn
FROM generate_series
( ‘2020-01-01’::timestamp
, ‘1 day’::interval) dd
Then put that into a pivot table, filter on a couple of dates, and this is what it looks like:

I.e., same result, selected dates doesn’t filter on the pivot table.

I came across this Issue on Github which seems to show the same issue https://github.com/getredash/redash/issues/2845 , but wasn’t followed through.

Would this be resolved by us upgrading to V8? Obviously in the meantime I can do something with parameters in this particular report, but it’s not ideal.

Yeah looks like the bug was fixed as part of V8 which is the latest release (V9 is in beta now).

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