I am really enjoying Redash’s ability to generate Pivot Tables. It is so handing to have the heatmap coloring feature. Can you create the ability to highlight irregularities in the table’s data?

For example: highlight everything that is outside of +/- 10% of the mean of the data? (where we can use SQL or specify within the visualization what margin we want, whether it is 10% or a different percentage) (it would also be handy to specify what our reference point is: whether it is with respect to the mean, the median, etc.)

Can this be a future development? Is this already a feature? I am currently using Redash 5.0.2.

Can you provide more information about how you would expect this feature to work? How would you specify which areas seem abnormal? Are there other rules besides abnormal data?

It’s been on the radar for awhile to allow enable conditional highlighting for our table visualizations (regular tables, pivot tables and cohort charts). But what you’re talking about is more complicated than a blanket rule like "Highlight red all negative numbers" since the highlighting would depend on the value of the results themselves.

I’m trying to get a better grasp on the use case so the team (or the open source community) could properly formulate a solution.