Playing with filters/multi-filters on charts like we do for table views

Is it possible to move around filters/multi-filters while visualizing charts? This functionality is available for table views where we can move/add/subtract filters from the rows and columns. In this way, I just have to create one table with multi filters and i get the liberty to choose with whichever rows and columns i want to analyse the data. But I am not able to do the same when I create charts. Am i missing any functionality which helps in doing so with charts as well? This is an urgent issue that I need to fix. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Can you share a screenshot of this behaviour on tables? It sounds like you’re using a pivot table visualisation, not the standard table.

Yes, you are right. That functionality i talked about is corresponding to pivot table visualization. So pivot table gives me the liberty to choose my own filters for the analysis after publishing it. Do we have similar kind of functionality while preparing chart type visualization?

No. The pivot table visualisation is a third-party library that performs its own aggregations. The Chart visualisation requires you to aggregate and filter your data as part of the query.