Adding a horizontal Bar Chart would be extremely useful.


Hi! Are you talking about something like this?

Probably something like this:


@arikfr Hm, it should be easy to add


I believe it would be as well (compared to the others we have already).

Looking forward for this one too :wink:

Do we have a timeline for when this can be added?

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+1 … this would be great to have.

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@arikfr @levko Hi! I noticed Arik suggested:

Yes that would be so useful! Any update on that?

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+1, would love such an horizontal bar chart as well (much better shows relative values than a Pie imho). Any update?

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There isn’t a solid timeline on this yet. The team is focused on migrating Redash from Angular to React right now. Adding horizontal bars will come after that is complete.


@levko @jesse it’s been an year, is there any update? Reiterating - horizontal bar chart is one of the basic yet very useful visualization. Organizations might do away with Redash for not having such basic visualization. Request you to take this up on priority.


Hi! Yes, we merged a PR yesterday:


Has the feature been removed? I don’t see the checkbox anywhere for horizontal bar charts…

The option is there.You need to be running the latest tip of master for it, however. It’s not part of an official release yet.

I see, thanks.
Any timeline to release this feature in production?

:man_shrugging: you know as much as I do

+1, it would be great to see this in a release!

This will be included in the forthcoming V10 release (a couple weeks out)

Is this still not available yet?