Currently, for a dropdown list for a query parameter, you provide a comma delimited list.

In many cases, these are values that existing in the database that we’re querying, so populating this list with another query would be the easiest way to ensure that this list is complete/accurate.

From a UI perspective, this is a feature that is available for dashboards in Splunk.

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You can already do this - when you specify a parameter, click the settings icon beside it and set the type to “Query Based Dropdown List”.

Which version of Redash has the “Query Based Dropdown list”. I am currently using Redash 2.0 and the settings icon doesn’t have this option.

If this option not vailable in 2.0 then is there any other way to populate the drop down list via query instead of manually inputting delimited comma list?

It’s certainly in 3.0 - no idea as to other versions.