Possibility to disable refreshes on Dashboards

we can think of it like a “Read-only” Dashboard.

The idea aims to prevent users from triggering query runs from the dashboard.

Sometimes you have some queries with long run-times. Although it’s nice to have the flexibility of refreshing right away from the dashboard, it can be annoying for the user to trigger an update and need to wait for a long time.

Hello wesley,

not sure what you mean. When you publish a dashboard and share the link with the users, they can not refresh by themselves. It is read only for them.
As a creator you can refresh it when they ask for it, OR you schedule the refresh on the query page lower left says ‘refresh schedule’ by default Never

Hope you can continue with your idea


Since V8 this is no longer true. From our documentation:

To force a refresh, click the Refresh button on the upper-right of the dashboard editor. This runs all the dashboard queries and updates its visualizations.

In V7 and earlier visitors to a public dashboard could not refresh it.

That’s not the use case OP is asking about. OP is referring to logged-in users. Right now, if a logged in user can see a dashboard then they can refresh its visualizations. The feature request is for a way to disable this on a per-dashboard basis.

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