Possibility to query JIRA custom fields as well


hi there,
in https://github.com/getredash/redash/blob/master/redash/query_runner/jql.py#L34 the parsing/importing of JIRA custom fields is disabled (at least that’s my understanding). Can you explain why that is? Would it be feasible to turn that on?

Motivation: we have very interesting data stored in custom fields, which we’d love to analyze in re:dash as well.

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I think the reason was that I saw a lot of “junk” coming from these fields in my tests. As a way to support custom fields but also avoid them when not necessary I can propose two solutions:

  1. Include in results custom fields that were explicitly specified in the query.
  2. Have a flag in the query to control if custom fields should be included in results.


Thanks foor the reply! Both alternatives seem reasonable to me. The first one seems more efficient at runtime, the second one easier to implement. Both would definitely solve the issue.

Do you feel that one them could make it into the product in the forseeable future?


i’ve created a pull request which solves this issue: PR #1508 on github