Postgres processes not finishing


Has anyone else experienced issues with postgres processes hanging causing CPU to spike. When i look in the DB there are several queries like the one below which are not completing.

16988 | redash | redash | SELECT dashboards.updated_at AS dashboards_updated_at, dashboards.created_at AS dashboards_created_at, AS dashboards_id, dashboards.version AS dashboards_version, dashboards.org_id AS dashboards_org_id, dashboards.slug AS dashboards_slug, AS dashboards_name, dashboards.user_id AS dashboards_user_id, dashboards.layout AS dashboards_layout, dashboards.dashboard_filters_enabled AS dashboards_dashboard_filters_enabled, dashboards.is_archived AS dashboards_is_archived, dashboards.is_draft AS dashboards_is_draft +
| | | FROM dashboards LEFT OUTER JOIN events ON dashboards…id = CAST(events.object_id AS INTEGER) LEFT OUTER JOIN widgets ON dashboards…id = widgets.dashboard_id LEFT OUTER JOIN visualizations ON visualizations…id = widgets.visualization_id LEFT OUTER JOIN queries ON queries…id = visualizations.query_id LEFT OUTER JOIN data_source_groups ON queries.data_source_id = data_source_groups.data_source_id +
| | | WHERE events.created_at > CURRENT_DATE - 7 AND events.action IN (‘edit’, ‘view’) AN


It might be that your events table grew too large. Check how big it is and if needed clean it up.


Yep, that was it. Events table was 1745289216. I’ll have to write something to just keep 1 weeks worth of data.



I think that it’s something we should have in the software as you’re probably not the only one being hit by this.