PR 3140 antd component for schema browser


Hi folks. Thanks for the very quick reply on the PR update. There was a significant visual issue after the rebase which has since been addressed but I wanted to get some feedback on Antd in particular.

The original version used Antd’s Collapse. I was asked to change to Tree (the state it’s currently in) and we’re now considering either Menu + SubMenu or just not using an Antd component. I am not that familiar with Antd to make an effective suggestion though there was a significant effort to go between Collapse and Tree.

Wanted to start a discussion to see if we can agree on a direction before I update the PR again so that the CSS overrides to make it look somewhat consistent with Angular are less intense. My personal preference might be to not even use an Antd component here and just do the markup and CSS myself - it should give us the most consistent look as before.


Hi :wave:

First of all, sorry for the confusion here!

Originally I didn’t ask to change the component – I just asked if there was a reason why you didn’t use the Tree component. Of course I did think it was a better fit and thought it’s better to change, but it was first an invitation for a discussion, not a request to change.

Same goes for the follow up discussion – those were suggestions, and we don’t expect any changes before discussing the options and coming a conclusion on what’s the right approach.

Personally, I think that @levko’s idea of reusing current markup/CSS is probably the easiest path forward. It requires minimal changes and should have simple implementation. I wish I thought of it when this originally came in :sweat_smile:

As a general approach, we do prefer Ant’s components for consistency and to avoid reimplementing stuff. But of course it doesn’t fit everywhere and should be judged case by case.

I hope this clarifies things, but of course let’s continue the discussion if anything isn’t clear.



Sounds good and yea sorry about the confusion on my part as well. I will proceed with making the component by using as close to the current markup as possible which should allow me to take on the next React conversion as soon as possible. If anyone else has any input it’s also welcome but I think this clears the path forward.