Presto DB with Schema and User permissions will be ignored

Hi there, we are testing a PrestoSQL Cluster with Redash Dashboard ( 8.0.0 - on Google Cloud Container ). I connect to a datasource with configured catalog and schema.
But if I create a query I can query all schemata and their tables. It doesn’t matter which user I am. Normally I would expect that I’m not allowed to query a table from outside that schema I configured in data source.

Next point is that in "Create " view I see all tables and all schemata. This isn’t very handy because I need different user with different data and they must not see the data of each other. I tried to remove list_sources and list_data_sources for that usergroup in the Redash PostgresDB but than I wasn’t allowed to enter the “Create” view anymore

Maybe anybody can explain me what I’m doing wrong ??

Thanks a lot and greets

AFAIK Redash doesn’t restrict table access. You control this with Presto by issuing GRANT commands for the user credentials in Redash’s data source setup screen. In most databases, new users have access to the default schema unless you specify otherwise. Which sounds like what you described above.

at first thanks a lot for your fast answer.
Ah ok… I’m understanding. So, We have to look how we could fix that on DB level …

There are other tools like Superset which provide that possibilities on dashboard level… but Redash has much better visualization options… may be this could be a nice feature ?


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