Presto Https connection from Redash

Issue Summary

A summary of the issue and the browser/OS environment in which it occurs.
We are trying to access secure presto from redash , But I am getting below error , I can connect to presto from Dbeaver by specifying the keystore path

Connection Test Failed:
Should be finished if nextUri is None

I am giving the URL as below
In Host Name : prestoALBName:443/database:awsdatacatalog?SSL=true&SSLTrustStorePath=truststorepath&SSLTrustStorePassword=xxxxx
Protocol : https
Port : 443
User Id and password

Is this right way to specify https connection for presto

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: Beta V9
  • Browser/OS: Chrome
  • How did you install Redash:
    Installed on ECS and Farget

Just mention the hostname. Jdbc url format doesn’t work in redash(python connector)

Hi Subba,

Thanks for your reply. How about the Keystore file path for secure SSL connection , in what format should I pass it ?

No need to pass keystore file. If your presto https certificate is not self signed. It will work automatically.

if it is self signed then you may need to install it on the redash server. Not sure exact steps to do that.
In my case to bypass the certificate validation. I use the below environment variable and set it to blank.

We have CA certificate file , its not self signed file but standard certificate file provided by company to authenticate against AWS services.
I tried without certificate but its giving below error
Connection Test Failed:
Should be finished if nextUri is None

we definitely don’t want to bypass certificate validation for security reasons so leaving it blank would not work for us.