Problem with dashboard filters


I have some problems with dashboard filters.

For example, I have a table with some actions and how many hours team spent for this actions during each day. And I want to create a dashboard where each action will be on its own chart and I add filters on the chart to choose what action to display. The problem is when I am refreshing my dashboard I got one action in every chart on the dashboart and i need to manually select all filters.

The example is on the picture. On the first chart should be “Released” action, on the second - “In testing”. But after refresh they both displaying action “Reopened”.
Can someone give advice how to fix this problem? How to keep all filters on the chart when refreshing the dashboard?

Multi-filters can’t do what you describe. They are “stateless” so you can’t save a default selection.

Related feature request:

Thanks for the reply. May be there is any other way to do what I want?

Please read the linked discussion above.

The only workaround is duplicating the query.