Problems after update non-docker v7 to docker v8

Someone may help me?
I made the upgrade Redash to non-docker v7 to docker v8. Now I’m using AWS EC2.
I have some problems, the users and the dashboard names are there but I can not create a new data source configuration, is always loading… and when I try to access a dashboard I see this message: Error running query: Internal Server Error

Does anyone now if could be the keys in my env? or the docker-compose.yml?


I had the same problem. I created a v7 docker an inported my non docker dB but the exact same thing happened.

I suspect the docker v7 database is not the same as the non docker one or i messed up the importing.

Did you copy over your environment variables configuration, including the secret keys?

Can you share the logs from when you try to access a dashboard?