Hi all,
I just started to use redash together with BigQuery, and I am having problems with my first new query :roll_eyes: , I have created a new data source using my Google Cloud Project ID, JSON Key and it seems to be ok until I tried to do my first SQL search, then I get the error message “Error running query: Source URI must be a Google Cloud Storage location:”.

Do you have any idea of what am I doing wrong here, it seems quite straightforward but it doesn’t work. Also and just in case, I am BigQuery admin and so I created the JSON key.

Thank you for any help,

Sorry for the bad first impression. What did you put as a value for “UDF Source URIs”?

Well, I still didn’t have the first impression but I am looking forward to play with my data :grinning:.
I left “UDF Source URI’s” empty, because I understood that this should be related to a bucket but my data is in BigQuery. Should I put some entry there?
Thank you!

No, it needs to be left empty (unless you have UDFs you want to load).
But the error you describe seems to originate with trying to load a value from this field.

What version are you using?

I setup an instance with Redash 2.0

Can you paste the result of /api/data_sources/{data source id} here? Just omit your key file.

it worked now, I just restarted the VM machine :grinning: !
Anycase, thanks for your answers!