Provide friendlier names/interface for query results table names and columns


This topic was mentioned in a separate thread for a separate purpose (see the latest comment from clayh): Update for Query Results as Data Sources in OC

I figured I’d create a new feature request, highlighting that comment.

The Query Results data source is a promising feature, but the one use case that prevented people in my company from using it was the lack of friendly names associated with query results.

Right now, you need to click the query, labeled “My Specific Query” you’re using as a data source, find the id, and then treat the query result as the query_{id} table. This requires people to write down the relevant IDs and the relevant columns on a piece of paper or in a separate application, prior to writing the new query.

It would be nice to have the following:

  1. A friendly name that could replace query_{id} with something like my_specific_table (some form of a mapping when you’re defining a query results data source).
  2. Similar to where you’d place table information for normal database engines, a list of accessible tables such as my_specific_table within the sidebar, along with their expected schemas (obviously this would be more challenging than 1 but would make joining separate data sources a much simpler task).