Providing redash to our customers


We provide financial booking services for vacation rental companies and have a bunch of data which our customers create and wish to query and visualize through a business intelligence tool.

At the moment we don’t have any way of providing them a way to query their payments, bookings etc.

Can redash be configured to give our users their own dashboard with a single install?

Or would we need to use something like docker to spin up a new redash per customer? I’ve tried searching for discussion on this point but have been unable to find a best practice for getting our customers their own redash connected to their own data.

Finally, we are flexible in what data source we use, so suggestions also welcome.



Just to understand better the use case: do you want your users to be able to use all of Redash features, each on his own data, or you want to build dedicated dashboards for them?


I definitely should have clarified more.

I would like to provide a way for our customers to inherit a selection of example visualisations on their data.

Most users will be happy to just view what we provide by default, but some users want to be able to create their own queries and charts on their own dashboard.

I do not want our users to configure their own data sources, or groups or users. We should have that all set up for them… but being able to create new views is important.

(The data we hold for them are payment data/sales, search data for their websites, server logs, etc) so providing business intelligence on this is what the aim in.

At the moment we just provide static reports without any interactiveness.

Hope this explains our use case.


Got it :thumbsup: If you were looking just to provide them with a few dashboards, then I would’ve told you that Redash might not be the solution for you :slight_smile:

But what you describe seems to fit Redash’s profile. Redash does have multi-tenancy support, this is what we use to power our hosted version ( So you can have a single deployment of Redash, where you create an account for each of your users. Then you can use the API, to create the data sources, user accounts, and default visualizations.

Multi-tenancy is not something we provide support for via the open channels, but you’re welcome to reach out by email (arik at and we can discuss this further.


This is a topic that is very interesting for me, too. I’m at a similar crossroad atm. It would be great if it could be discussed in public.

While I also want to allow the users to create their own visualisations, what would be the better solution - which you were thinking about - if the case were only about displaying data in predefined graphs?