Public access - how it works?


Hi there.

I cannot understand or find any info on how to use embedding of queries for public access.
So I get the embed iframe url. I use it a html page and get a blank page.
If I use the url directly on the browser I get the login page.

What’s the point of the embed functionality if you have to login?

Am I missing something?

redash v6.0, self-hosted.



Just a foot-note: I still have v4 in production while testing v6.
On v4 I don’t have this problema. I can see an embed url while anonymous, not logged-in.


So a few more details I got…

I started looking at logs and without change firefox and chrome now show the embedded query in anonymous mode. So that’s good though I don’t have a clue on what changed.

Now, IE 11 and Edge don’t work.

On IE 11, vendors~app.111nnnn.js does not load and causes an exception:
object does not support property or method ‘startsWith’. (63,40738)

On Edge there’s a CORS error. I haven’t figured out any solution yet.

But still, for now, it works on “proper” browsers.


Thanks for the detailed research. I’ll fix the startsWith error soon and see about the Edge error as well.