Public dashboards don't display any widgets (after upgrade to 4.0)



I just did an upgrade to version 4.0 beta. New design looks great!
There is probably some bug with shared dashboards, all of them are empty. Here is an error from Chrome console:

error-handler.js:19 TypeError: Cannot read property 'bodyClass' of undefined
    at e.value (index.js:77)
    at index.js:66
    at f.$broadcast (angular.js:18320)
    at h (angular-route.js:613)
    at f.$broadcast (angular.js:18320)
    at angular.js:14012
    at f.$eval (angular.js:17994)
    at f.$digest (angular.js:17808)
    at f.$apply (angular.js:18102)
    at angular.js:1812
value @ error-handler.js:19

From the admin panel everything looks fine, this only happens when I access my dashboard through public link.


It was discussed already here and resolved here. Will be part of the next beta release.


Thank you @arikfr for your quick response!


Dear @arikfr,

Having the same problem and reviewing the link related to the solution I update the code of the source client/app/components/app-view/index.js but I still having the same problem. May I ask you what should I do exactly to get it working?

Thank you!

Best regards


While backend (Python) code can be updated in place, for the frontend code to update you need to rebuild it (npm run build, but you also need all the dev dependencies).


Ok, thank you, Arik. Maybe it is better to wait util have the beta 4 updated. When do you expect to release this update?

Thanks for your support!

Best regards