Python Connector to Snowflake - not supported

Our Python Connector version is 1.86, which will be unsupported by Snowflake by July ( they will no longer support Python Connector versions lower than 1.9.1),
our Redash version is 8.0.0+b32245 (a16f551e)
any advice on what should we do? / do we have to update our Redash version?

any update on this?
thank you

If you want the connector to stay within the version support of Snowflake then you’ll need to upgrade it. However the older version will continue to work and you probably won’t have any issues unless you run into a bug that’s not been fixed or need to use a snowflake feature not supported by the older connector version.

hey @griffinator76 ,
we are looking for a solution that will not force us to update our Redash version,
@arikfr : can you advise on this issue? much appreciated!

You can rewrite the query runner if you want to. Query runner’s are pretty easy to implement.

I doubt there will be an official fix for this since each version becomes EOL the moment there’s a new release. The best option would be to upgrade your Redash version.