Python Datasource Redash V10

Issue Summary

A summary of the issue and the browser/OS environment in which it occurs.

Technical details: No python datasource in the preview docker image redash 10. I have added REDASH_ADDITIONAL_QUERY_RUNNERS=redash.query_runner.python to the env file but it still does not show.

  • Redash Version: 10 Preview
  • Browser/OS: Chrome / Windows 10
  • How did you install Redash: Docker Compose

I’m not able to reproduce this right now. If there is an issue loading a data source, though, it should emit a log message. What do you see in the logs for your worker service(s)?

Also just to verify the syntax for the environment variable:


And once you change this you will need to bounce your docker containers for the change to take effect:

docker-compose stop && docker-compose up -d