Queries hanging and/or will not save

Issue Summary

We recently migrated to self hosted redash and things generally work, but a) queries hang frequently, and b) attempts to save queries often fail. BigQuery is our only data source.

The inability to save queries is particularly frustrating because when it’s successful it happens instantly, and when it fails it also does so instantly (and for all repeated attempts). Forking queries successfully creates a new copy but we’re often not able to save after modifying.

At the guidance of redash support we’ve confirmed memory utilization is <50% and increased workers for ad hoc and scheduled queries, but the issues persist.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance-

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: 10.0.0.b50363
  • Browser/OS: chrome / mac
  • How did you install Redash: self hosted on GCP

hi @jesse – are you able to help here? thanks in advance-