Queries refreshing by themselves


I have two separate unrelated queries. Whats happening is that when i refresh one of them the other one refreshes by itself. I first noticed this yesterday and it has been happening repeatedly since.

Thanks for the help

Do they use the same data source? Can you give any more information about these queries?


Yes they use the same data source.

Both the queries are the same. I’ve made two different queries because i want them to run at different times. The queries are basically just selecting a few columns from a table in the database. No complicated stuff. Also have a timestamp of the current time in the select statement to see when the query was last executed.

Now the problem is when i refresh query 1 it shows the correct timestamp but query 2 (which i havent refreshed) also shows the same timestamp as query 1 which means query 2 is also refreshing at the same time.


What does Redash show as the last executed time for both queries? Do they match also?

I figured out the issue. I was using variables to create the time stamp. Both queries were using the same variable so i think Redash was using them as global variables .e if other queries used the same name for the variable then they would get the same value.

Thanks for the help!