Queries that work in postgressql db don't work on redash?

Is anyone else having problems with some queries that use group by, or date_trunc functions not working on redash?

When I run the query in redash it just spins and goes on forever never rendering a result. The same query in the underlying db works just fine.

Good morning @greco,

I never had any problem with PostgreSQL queries using date_part or other functions…

Do you get any error message or does it only never end ?

How much data do these queries return when you run them elsewhere? If it’s too big you could be past Redash’s limit.

They only have a couple hundred rows. These are not big tables. I also have an issue where results render fine, and then if I add a ORDER BY statement, the sit in query in queue endlessly.

Weird. I use Redash with postgres and don’t see this. Do your queries work when you use other tools beside Redash? Any issues in your logs?