Queries with Parameter keep running even when page is close


i have a query with a parameter ( i used ‘Type=date’ ),
and when i enter this query, the query start to run automatically , and it does not stop even if i close the page or even if i go to other web link.
it shuts down only if i click on ‘Cancel’.
why does it happens? can i avoid it?


Does the query begin executing the moment you change the parameter value?

It’s normal that the query would continue executing even when you navigate away from the page. But if the query begins executing when you haven’t clicked the Execute button then that’s probably a bug.


The query begins executing the moment i enter the query page
( i don’t click anything)
how can i submit a bug? can i send my logs?


We use Github Issues to manage bug reports. You can create a new issue here.


Thanks, i will do so


Related GitHub issue - just for a reference: https://github.com/getredash/redash/issues/3531


Queries with parameters will execute when you load them (if no cached copy available).