Queries with parameters


I’m new at redash,I started working with parameters but I have a number of problems and still have not found a solution.
The first problem is when I send someone an embed link of a query with parameters he gets this message It seems like the page you’re looking for cannot be found." (I also get this message when I enter the link in incognito mode)
The second problem is also related to parameters. When I try to refresh queries with parameters using api
I get feedback that the refresh has succeeded but I’m checking the information and getting the same information from the last refresh. Only when I refresh through the site I get the new information.
I followed the steps in the example in the Knowledge Base
I’ll be glad to receive your help
Thanks Naty


i have the same problem.
did you solve it?


@naty1212 @hod.shemtov Were anyone of you able to get embed working with params in not_signed_in mode?