Query Auto Refresh Schedule Not Working on 10.0.0 Docker Image

I followed all instructions and have everything working on my Redash Docker image on aws, but I have no idea how to debug. Everything seems to work but the query refresh schedules.

Any specific step by step details on how to debug on an AWS docker image is much appreciated.


If you have ssh access to your redash instance (I don’t use the AWS instances, so I don’t know), then in general you’ll probably want to run the docker compose “log tail” command + trigger the behaviour.

So, on a (non AWS) Redash instance here, I’d log in to ssh, change to the Redash installation directory, and run the log tail:

$ cd /opt/redash
$ docker-compose logs --tail 2 -f

The 2 number there means it’ll display the last two lines of each container log, and the -f tells it to wait around for new log lines and display them.

With that running, trigger the behaviour that should be working, but isn’t. If an error of some kind with the backend shows up, it should be printed out there.

Btw, if you know (or figure out) the name of the container that’s having the problem, you can put the container name on the end of the “log tail” line so only that is shown. eg:

$ docker-compose logs --tail 2 -f worker

To stop the log tail running, just press Control-C in the window. That should return you back to the ssh shell.

Hopefully that helps. :slight_smile:

Have you update the QUERY env?