Query Auto Schedule Working?

Issue Summary

I created a query last Friday and set it to run every 12 hours. However, I’m not seeing the “last executed at” column update at all? How do I know if the query is actually running every 12 hours?

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: 7.0.0
  • Browser/OS: Chrome / Windows 10
  • How did you install Redash:

Does this query use parameters?

No, it’s just creating a table.

You should reconsider your use of Redash for this purpose. The app is designed for read-only applications. The result of a query is cached and timestamped after each query execution. Those timestamps are what you see on the query screen.

CREATE, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE statements don’t return a query result to be cached / timestamped. So you won’t see any evidence that these queries have run.

Thanks @susodapop for the suggestion. We have a work around in place for moment to actually run a query that returns data at the end of the query…this solves the problem for now. But we will work on getting the table creation done in the cloud instead of Redash.