Query cancellation with CLI



  • I was in the situation that I needed to cancel all scheduled queries in “Waiting” list
  • It seems there is no way but to cancel via GUI while it’s in “In Progress” list
  • I would love to request a feature to manipulate queries with CLI

Why needed?

If we use re:dash in an entire organization, there are lots of query are run and scheduled everyday.
And sometimes we want to run ad-hoc(non-scheduled) query first or quickly since it’s something urgently needed.

But, tremendous amount of scheduled queries become the cause of making queue being stuck, and prevent the query from running quickly. So to solve that situation, we have to cancel the scheduled queries one by one while it is running = being on the “In Progress” list on redash GUI.

Thus, I believe there should be a way to cancel scheduled queries through CLI.

Why CLI?

CLI is one of the useful ways to control a service.
(but, as long as we can have a way to cancel the scheduled queries from being listed on “Waiting”, I don’t really stick to CLI)