Query Level Information

Issue Summary

Hi team,
I need to build query level information for redash queries. For example :
Getting different query states as in :
Time taken by a query in ad_hoc queue, Time taken by a query to get executed(Present in postgres),Time taken by a query to fetch the final result.
Mostly we have got data at granularity but still having a blocker to build the bigger picture out of it.

A summary of the issue and the browser/OS environment in which it occurs.
Sometimes queries go in waiting state i.e. in ad_hoc queues. due to execution of heavy query. We need to detect such queries and users who are executing it

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: 8.0.2
  • Browser/OS: Ubuntu 16.04
  • How did you install Redash: Docker repo for redash self hosted

You’ll need to build this yourself. Redash doesn’t do this by default.

Thank you for the quick response. And yes we are trying to build solid monitoring around Redash and spreading the same within redash community. Needed a suggestion on this particular use case where we can have query level information per state. So far we are using postgres as the data source to predict and build monitoring on top of Redash exposed metrics.
Your suggestion will be helpful. :slight_smile:
Thanks and regards

Hey team
I also have to build query level information like Average Waiting Time and all, for all queries.
please give any idea where I can have all these query level information.