Query listings are limited to the data sources a user can see. I'd like to limit dashboard listings similarly

users can’t see query listings that are outside their data visibility
But they can see all the dashboards regardless.
(when going into the dashboards the queries show up as locked.)
but can i limit the dashboard?

As it is right now, you can’t specifically limit dashboards on a group basis.

If a group if associated with data source “A” and a dashboard has ANY widget that uses “A” as data source, all users from that group will see that dashboard.

The way you can handle this, if you can, is create dedicated dashboards for each data source.

For example, if I have a group that has access to only data source “A” but not “B”, and you have 2 dashboard, one using both data sources and one using only data source “B”, users in that group would be able to see the first dashboard but not the latter.

thanks @wtfzambo.
as i understand it, the text widgets (text boxes) have no restrictions. so any dashboard with a single text box should be visible to all , right ?
(i have a dashboard that the queries in it only take data from a single schema. )
no other user has access to that schema, but all the users see the dashboard in the listing.

I am assuming it it the text boxes.
Edit - verified that it is the text boxes, removing them hides the dashboard in the lisitng

So i guess the new feature request could be to add a data_source to a text box (in a no-op way)

Correct. It’s actually a bug. Those should be visible to everyone too.