Query missing after delete datasource


I removed a big query datasource from redash. But then all the queries are disappeared.
Then some of them which created from a user are restore without datasource, but queries of other user still disappear. How can we might retrieve missing queries? Do we need to manually change it from Postgre SQL


When you remove a data source, we remove the data source from all the queries that used it. Because access to queries is governed by the data source permissions, only the owners of the queries can see them.


Thank you @arikfr I could see the query from backup to our local postgres SQL, but I the current owner can not see the query. So we are trying to edit the Postgres database but I don’t know the default redash password. How can we get or reset the password.


If you open the direct URL to the query, do you see it?

I’m assuming you setup Redash with our script or images, then to connect to the local postgres just run sudo -u redash psql.