Query not Showing After Publishing Dashboard

Hi I have a problem where if I’m already publish a dashboard; when I click view query, the query is not showing even though the data is there. Are there any workaround for this?


I also have this problem, and it is a very problematic bug in my opinion because it basically make redash unusable. Any help is really appreciated because as of right now I have hundreds of queries that cannot be seen and cannot be edited

What version of Redash are you running?
Can you share steps to reproduce this error?

I’m using Redash * Version: 8.0.0+b32245 (a16f551e)

For how to reproduce the error, to be honest it’s an unstable behavior as this condition not always triggered. But I’ll try to list the steps

Write query → Execute → Save query → Try to reopen the query after a while → Click edit source

update conditions:

  • Happened to both published and non-published query and/or dashboards

Given your updated criteria this seems like an environment issue. When it happens do you see errors in your browser JS console or in the Redash logs?