Query page - data only view


All users or just those who created the query?


Presumably only those with edit privileges for the query. This would be easier to message if Redash were a bit more explicit about who can save changes to a query. The messaging about this is a little mysterious. As a non-owner of a query, I can get all the way through editing a query. But it’s not until I hit “Save” that Redash tells me I’m not allowed. If I fork the query then I lose my work.


I didn’t read the whole topic (I’ll come back later), but one suggestion I’ve just remembered from the feedbacks I’ve got is for the Refresh Button. It’s currently small and easily unnoticed. I think it should show up as the primary action for the Query Page on data only view…


Another way to go about it is to have a “dirty” indication on a widget (which would disappear once refreshed automatically), so it stays the choice of the user. Like GitHub has a “Refresh” button at the top of a review if changed since opened.

And @gabrieldutra I’m with you on this.