Query Parameters for Self-Hosted ReDash


It’s mentioned below that query parameters for filters to be surfaced in dashboards are only on the hosted version of redash, although this feature will be released for self-hosted versions.

Do we know when this feature will be released for the self-hosted versions? Are there any workarounds for this in the meantime?


Hi James, welcome to the forum. Good news: Redash doesn’t have “SaaS only” features. Query Parameters have been part of Redash since v1. This video guide covers most of their features with some examples:

I think you misunderstood this quote from the link you shared:

Prior to Version 8 of Redash, parameters were not allowed in embedded visualizations. In a future version, all types of parameters will be allowed on publicly shared dashboards and visualizations. Our hosted platform always runs the latest available version of the app.

This is talking about sharing parameterized visualizations or dashboards with non-logged-in users, which wasn’t allowed before version 8 because of SQL injection risk. The latest version of Redash sanitizes those inputs and makes them safe. If you need this feature you should run Redash v8 or newer, which is currently in stable beta. When v8 is released, the hosted platform will update automatically. If you run self-hosted Redash then you need to update it yourself.

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