Query result error message design

The current query result error message:

It takes lots of focus in dashboards but perhaps it doesn’t have to - it’s obvious a widget’s visualization didn’t load correctly cause it’s not there. So perhaps we can tone it down a little.

Here are some visual suggestions to get discussion rolling:

Option 1 - Clean

Option 2 - Clear

Clear indication in top right icon, clear error with bg color - for cases when widget is tall and obscured.

Option 3 - Readable

Stack traces or db errors may contain lots of info so monospace and left alignment.

Lmk what you think.

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I prefer option 2. I’d like to see more options that display info from query runners. Not just for errors, either.

@susodapop gimme the more options.

For the JSON data source: Show the response headers.
For Postgres/Redshift/mySQL: Show the query result messages (like a query plan)

I’m envisioning a panel that can show pre-formatted text supplied by the query runner.