Query results table not found

Hi all,
I enabled Query Results datasource and created a query. This query has id 6, but when I try to use it with
“SELECT * FROM query_6” an error is reported
Table ‘server1.query_6’ doesn’t exist

I’m using V8 beta.
Any idea?

How did you install Redash? Does query_6 return any results?

I’m using Docker installation. query_6 returns about 500 rows.

That error doesn’t look right to me.

It seems like you ran your query against a real database instead of the Query Results Data Source.

What’s odd is the error mentions server1. That’s not part of Redash.

server1 is the name of a mysql db used in another datasource.
But isn’t “query_id” managed by Query Results?

Redash sends your queries to the data source for execution. If you send select * from query_6 to MySQL, your database will look for a table by that name. It doesn’t find one. That’s your error.

Use the query results data source and it will work. Have a look at the docs too.

Sorry, my stupid error.
Thanks a lot for your great support.