Query running issue

lately when refresh query on dashboard it takes long time to load
so what might be cause this ?
thanks in advance

A few ideas:

  1. Your db is really just sloths typing random info to stdout
  2. You confused your Instantpot © for a browser
  3. Mercury is in retrograde
  4. You accrued sufficient entropy that your PC breaches the rules of physics


I kid. But you haven’t given us any way to help solve your issue. What debug steps have you tried?

  • Is the query slow when you run it from the query screen?
  • How long does the query take if you execute it from another query tool?
  • How many rows does the query return?
  • What, if any, changes did you make that resulted in the longer run-time?
  • Is this a select * from query on a table that is growing?
  • How many widgets are on your dashboard?
  • Do they return lots of data?

The forum can’t help if you don’t provide details.

the query is slow when i run it from dashboard
some of it take 2 minutes and other take 5 minutes and increase
most of it single value , single row & few of it is a table