Query Stuck In Queue in docker redash v8


I have built a Docker environment on AWS EC2 and am using redash v8.
In this Redash v8, schedule celery is stuck and a lot of data is stuck in the queue.
Is there a way to delete all the schedule queries in the queue?

I would like to thank you for your cooperation.

You can clear out everything in the redis queue by connecting to your redis instance and running FLUSHALL.

In a docker setup:

$ docker-compose exec redis redis-cli
$ KEYS *
...<you will see all the keys in your instance
$ KEYS *
(empty list or set)

Thanks for replying.
I see that I can just delete the Redis key.
I’m afraid that by deleting the Redis key, the scheduled executions will disappear, but looking at the docker configuration, am I correct in assuming that if the “scheduler” container is alive, the schedule will remain intact?
(My company has over 100 schedules, and it would be a pain to reconfigure them all)

Exactly right. The data in redis is ephemeral. If you blow the scheduled executions away they will be enqueued again within 30 seconds.

I understand very well.
Thank you so much for your help.