Here is an example of one of my dashboards:

As you can see, the query name (which is mostly somewhat more encryptive) is what’s pops out immediately as it’s in black, and the actual, informative visualization is greyed out. Should be the other way around I believe. I would want:

first in order, nonclickable, larger and black font description and
second in order, clickable, smaller and greyed out font query name.

Exactly opposite to what it is right now.


Thanks, @idoda – I’ll check this and consider!

Cool, LMK :slight_smile: If you disagree, i’ll need to improve my case :wink:

I was thinking about this and your suggestion makes a lot of sense.

I’m just worried that people already got used to this / if they don’t name the visualization, the name “Chart” etc won’t even appear—so we have a bit of legacy and edge cases to figure out :slight_smile:

So it’s a bit tricky but I think I’ll further investigate and figure out a better representation of Query name + Visualization instead of this hierarchical solution.

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Thanks for chiming in, @arikfr

  • If the visualization has a custom name, then use the visualization name and add query as the small title.
  • If the visualization has a default name, then use the query name.

I find this confussing: the query title would be either the query name or the visualization name by some logic which isn’t 100% clear instantly for users.

How about this:

  • We’ll only use 1 line instead of 2 for this
  • We’ll use: Query name / Visualization name
  • If we won’t have visualization named, we’ll only use: Query name



Alternatively, we can switch the order: Visualization name - Query name, but I’m not 100% convinced about this.

After discussing this with @arikfr, the Visualization name - Query name approach would make more sense (if we have custom visualization name set). I’ll give this a try and see how this works.

PR opened: https://github.com/getredash/redash/pull/2583