Question about developing/changing plugins

Dear Redash Community,

I have been assigned to investigate BI tooling for visualising multiple data sources (Github/xray/jira)
Currently we dump everything in a postgres database and scrape the correct data out with queries and visualise it.

The question I got from my senior is the following:

  • How can we change the current plugins (for instance the jira plugin, to include xray which is a jira addon) to our own needs. We can’t find documentation about this.

Does any1 have documentation or advise towards this issue? it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Martijn Dekkers

Welcome to the forum! Arik wrote a good primer on query runners here

Since Xray is an extension to Jira you can likely extend the existing query runner instead of writing a new one. Does Xray just expose new API endpoints? Does it accept JQL???

I am not sure about the endpoints.
I do know that it accepts JQL though.

You’ll need to understand how the Xray API works before you can write/extend a query runner for it. But the process is straightforward from there. The existing JQL query runner is pretty easy to understand / open for extension.