"Quick dashboard" from multiple VIZs of one query

something that can be super helpful:
I write a query, and build 4 different charts “under it” . If I want to see all 4 charts in one glance, I need to add them all to a dashboard --> that’s a lot of work.
A lot of times all I need, is just a quick glance at the 4 KPIs together.

my wish: to have a “quick dashboard” button in the query viz part. Tapping it would open an overlay that shows all 4 charts in a view that’s “like a dashboard”.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to do this using the Redash API? i.e. given a query id, create a new dashboard and add all visualisations from the query to the new dashboard.

thanks, but I think something like this can complicate it further and leave us with a bunch of redundant dashboards