Raised a PR for adding a new data source, but "percy/redash — 1 visual change needs review" check was not successful. Need help regarding this

Hi Team,

I have raised a PR for adding a new data source Firebolt. CI was ran and I got this one error “percy/redash — 1 visual change needs review”. When I checked files produced by getredash:master and rajeshSigmoid:firebolt-integration, there was no visual difference I could find. Please let me know how may I proceed further to get this resolved.
Failed case link

Thank you.

Thanks for drawing attention to this. Our percy tests are currently flaky. I have an outstanding item on my list to debug it. That’s not going to block your PR though.

Hi jesse,
Thanks for reply.
Do I need to take any action to get my PR resolved? Because I see it is unattended after this error.

Will review it this week thanks! :pray:t2:

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Hi Jesse,

Please review my PR, so that if something goes wrong I can rectify it asap.

Thank you.

See my previous message

Hi Jesse,
We have been waiting for our PR to get reviewed for long time. Can you guys please review it.