re:dash sso capabilities


I have a few questions about re:dash SSO capabilities. I found in documentation that there is posibility to setup SAML Identity provider in configuration, it is great but not enought for my use case.

I have an aplication which is some kind of Data Lake events catalogue. Data Lake is BigQuery based so it easilly integrates with re:dash. In my application I want to add buttons which redirects to re:dash but I want to skip login page. My application already know the user. I am talking about some kind of Heroku SSO. When I post some keys (maybe user API key will be sufficient) and re:dash creates user session based on this keys.

Is it possible? Is it hard to implement if I want to contribute?


We have the support for external user via headers, but I’m not sure if this fully covers your use case. Anyway, I suggest you get familiar with our codebase to see how we login and create users. It’s not that complex, and I’m sure you can build what you need.