I have a group of users that I only want to give view-only permission to. The actual permission works fine, but every time they click on one of the queries, they get this pop up on screen:

“You don’t have permission to create new queries on any of the data sources available to you. You can either browse existing queries, or ask for additional permissions from your re:dash admin.”

The “browse existing queries” is a link. Even after clicking it, the same pop up would happen over and over any time they click on a new query.

I don’t want to give them additional permissions. Those users should remain view-only. But they need to be able to browse the queries available to them without getting annoying pop-ups.

It’s a bug we fixed here. It will be part of the 0.12 release.

I didn’t test the latest build yet, so I wouldn’t recommend upgrading yet. But next week it should be “safe”.

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