Real Time Dashboard - Refresh rate under 30 Seconds


I am trying to get into the data dashboard as real time as possible, currently i can get the refresh rate at 30 seconds ( ?refresh=30 ) .
The queries behind the data take less than 0.5 secs to return data so are very ligytweight

Is there anyway to get this to say 5 seconds ?

Redash limits the minimum refresh rate to 30 seconds. I tried unsuccessfully to overwrite the settings on my local build. The JS hard limits to 30 seconds even when the Python allows a lower limit. If you want to tinker further the files are linked below.



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Hi @dietdrpepper, your solution works. Now refresh rate in my dashboard is 10sec. Thank you so much!

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Hi @vocong25,
How did you refresh in 10s? Is it possible to refresh even quicker?
Can you share your code?

Hi @vocong25 - Iā€™m also interested in how you got a faster refresh time.